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Is Everything Very Good? - Allen Maller
This piece has so far been drafter/authored by Rabbi Allen and deals with the "theme" of "Is Everything Very Good?". It does so primarily with reference to Jewish scriptural perspectives, but with some references to Muslim and Christian things.

It is another example of a piece where it will be necessary to make a choice, guided of course by Rabbi Allen's view in the first instance, but also as discussed in the steering group, about how it is taken forward in relation to which there might seem to be two options, Either:

1.] it could be developed across the whole group (bringing in also relevant Christian and Muslim scriptural discussion) as with the aim of it being produced as a SHARED project text
2.] it could continue to be developed by Rabbi Allen as a publication in his individual name, but informed by input from team members, even though in the name published on the open part of the project website under Rabbi Allen's name.

Colleagues can in due course offer "comments" and make "suggestions for change" as appropriate into the text. Such comments and proposed changes will then be visible to all. Colleagues will also be then be able to make responses to each other's comments and proposed track changes.

But it would probably be good to wait to start on this until we can discuss and agreed at the upcoming Project Meeting, whether this should be taken forward under option 1 above or option 2.

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